Jens Vetter

Bureaumaschine live @ Radio Fro

THIS is an excerpt of my live performance+interview at FADIMAT/ Radio FRO. the whole show is now online at Dorf TV Linz:
feat. Bureaumaschine live, and songs from many different projects (Vetter_Huber, Welle Linz, Uebercreutz, Gruppe Schleife, etc.)

Thanks to Wolfgang Dorninger and Gabba Hey & DorfTV for the media file!

NETZ 2.0

The interactive sound sculpture Netz 2.0 was exhibited at Austrian Cultural Forum/ Digital Design Weekend London

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Rapid Song Prototyping workshop @ Bauhaus University Weimar 2018

Final performance & pics of the workshop "Rapid Song Prototyping" at Bauhaus University Weimar/ [Dis]solving Boundaries Conference 2018

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VETTER_HUBER live system 60 hours of speedProgramming

I updated our Vetter_Huber music-software (written in SuperCollider) - it got a fancy GUI with loads of level meters, it can save presets now & uses the great ICON platform M+ motorfader together with a numpad-keyboard for live shows

code online:


WELLE LINZ together with DVRST live at LENTOS Linz. As part of the exhibition BAYWATCH SCAPE, by spacedesignSTRATEGIES. 16.6.2018

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Workshop "Rapid Song Prototyping"

I gave a workshop "Rapid Song Prototyping" for media artists during AMRO 2018, Linz. With Stefan Tiefengraber.

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Tquencer, a new tangible step sequencer, developed by Martin Kaltenbrunner & Jens Vetter at Tangible Music Lab (TML) at University for Art and Design Linz.

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Master Thesis Jens Vetter 2018
"Performative Topologies for Musical Expression"

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Welle Linz - preview 2018

Welle Linz is a new projekt with Stefan Tiefengraber & Jens Vetter. Noise trash pop experimental. Talking about digital headaches and electronic power consumption.

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GITTER live at MS SISSI .. a spontaneous collaboration with Anatol Bogendorfer leads to a new music project focussing on experimental sounds, rhythmic noise and field recordings. Here are the first recordings of our concert on the ship MS Sissi, and our new website:!

video by Elisa Unger!

VETTER_HUBER new pics : )

Foto: Robert Maybach

Trailer "Homo Restis"

Film by Elisa Unger. The film follows the collaborative work of Jens Vetter and Sarah Leimcke based on the latest performance Homo Restis.


is an interactiv sonic installation. Reminding of spider nets, it sits in corners and structures. You can touch it and bend it, kind of an "environmental instrument".

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Jens Vetter "Von Bangkok nach Peking" 2015

Zitat Galleya:
"künstler-portrait-reise-dokumentationsdings" über das Projekt Bureaumaschine

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