Jens Vetter

photo © Elisa Unger

Jens Vetter - Prognosen I - live performance at Holy Hydra 2020

live performance Prognosen I at the Holy Hydra Festival during Ars Electronica - In Keplers's Gardens 2020 in Linz.

The performance series "Prognosen" are a methodical and performative examination at the intersection of sound design, electronic club music and experimental noise.

Jens Vetter - Prognosen II - Steinergasse 8 Vienna

Live performance Prognosen II together with Thomas Gorbach / The Acousmatic Project at Echoes around me III in Vienna, Steinergasse 8.

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Jens Vetter - live at Echoraum Vienna

Live performance with modular synthesizer and tangible interfaces. With Thomas Gorbach on the acousmonium at Echoes around me II, 2020.
Video by Elisa Unger.

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The results of the most inspiring collaboration between Aza Raskin and me will be exhibited at No-Place Like The Future! I am very happy to have contributed to this amazing new platform, of which the GARDEN is an artistic interpretation..


Live show at Tresor Linz performance series "cancelled but not cancelled".
The video is available at Tresor Linz' video archive at DorfTV.