Jens Vetter

Lichtkasten is a modular light setup as stage lightning for the band project Vetter_Huber. It is based on the use of LEDs and Microcontroller. The goal was to build a system, that is flexible, mobile, lightweight and low-cost. It works standalone, but can also be connected and controlled by a computer e.g. through serial messages. The system can be controlled by interacting with the buttons & knobs of the controller box. It reacts also to sound, using a built-in microphone.

The stand is two meter high, the panels are each 120cm x 30 cm. So if mounted as a line they are 3,60 meter wide. Weight of all parts together is approximately 20kg.


different setups are possible:

some details and parts:

the aluminium stand

the power supply box, including 3 PSUs and XLR connectors for the LED panels

the PSUs

the main controller box with buttons & knobs, connected through ethernet with the LED panels

the whole system is lightweight and can be packed nicely

'Lichtkasten' on stage at Vetter_Huber performance at Grillx Vienna.