Jens Vetter

Netz 2.0 | Foto: Jens Vetter

Netz 2.0 is an interactiv sound sculpture.
Reminding of spider nets, it sits in corners and structures.
Pulling single strings generates real-time sonic output, played back through the fat speaker in the middle.

Netz 2.0
Austrian Cultural Forum London/ Digital Design Weekend, 2018
LAB30, 2018

Netz (first version)
Ars Electronica, Austria, 2015
Kiblix Festival, Slovenia, 2015

Netz 2.0 at LAB30, Augsburg
Short trailer from the exhibition of Netz 2.0 at mediaart festival LAB30, Augsburg/ Germany.

Netz | Foto: Jens Vetter, Kiblix Festival Slowenia 2015

Netz | Foto: Jens Vetter, Ars Electronica 2015

3D Animation: Karol Kagan